Restaurants of Steel

    Steel is one of the most widely used alloy and in particular Stainless Steel.

    Used in industries such as aviation, constructions, medical and not to forget the industry that everybody is part of, the food industry.

    Often enough the only thought when eating out is the quality and quantity of the food, the ambiance, almost never the cutleries and other appliances.

    Why are cutleries important? Important is the material they are made of. Most are made of steel, but what grade of steel, since not all grades of steel are safe. The 18/8 grade steel is the most commonly used in the restaurant business.

    Most foods contain natural acids, so appliances made out of metals like iron will corrode quite fast, whereas stainless steel 18/8 does not have this issue.

    Made of 18% chromium and 8% nickel as the name suggests it, 18/8 grade steel is versatile and adaptable. It is used not just for cutleries but all kind of kitchen ware like cooking pots, hollowware and other tabletop appliances.

    Reasons why restaurants use steel

    1. Stainless steel is resilient to rust and corrosion, therefore it lasts longer
    2. Having a non porous surface, bacteria, mold and any substances cannot penetrate. Having a layer of protective chromium oxide, it is easier to keep a high hygienic standard.
    3. Stainless steel not only looks great but it’s very versatile. So it can be molded into the preferred thickness and shape for customized cutleries requirements.

    Now that the importance of kitchenware and cutleries has been explained, how about an entire restaurant made of steel?

    With the new and busy generation of restaurant visitors everything revolves around fast food and pizza places. It did not take long before whole steel restaurants were built.

    For a business, choosing the right location is essential. For a restaurant business being able to be present in a busy area during meal times, this is a success.

    Steel is stronger and lighter than wood. It is also one of the most recyclable materials. Instead of cutting hundreds of trees only for the framing of a restaurant, the same framing could be done eco friendly by using only about 40 old scrapped cars. Also since time is money, building out of steel is faster.

    When working with fire there is always the risk of accidents. A steel restaurant is safer than a wood one reducing the risk of fire considerably. It also withstands heavy snow falls, high winds and earthquakes.

    Steel and the restaurant and catering industry obviously combine well offering durability at a much more affordable cost, eco friendly solutions and safety.

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