Restaurant Design 2018

    What will change or prevail in 2018 in the restaurant design. Popular are definitely green areas and lots of wood. But also new lighting techniques and materials from the past are hip. Let's see what the design trends for 2018 consist of.

    Wood paneling

    In 2018, the rustic industrial look will be a thing of the past. Warm and fresh rooms with natural materials are in. Especially wood is very popular. Wood paneling is hot and together with all other materials, colors and light sources provide the perfect environment to linger.



    Although green plants and ornamental plants have long been popular in restaurants and hotels, this trend will prevail in 2018. With an increasing interest in the supposed positive impact of vegetal environments on health, vegetation is becoming increasingly important in interior design.

    Not only do plants look beautiful, the concept of farm-to-table is becoming increasingly popular, and therefore on site growing of herbs or other products by the restaurants will become more likely also.


    Customized lighting

    The lighting will be enormously influenced by the technological possibilities in 2018. Restaurants can individually control all the bulbs in the room via apps or remote control, so that every part of the room can contain the exactly proper lighting. Changing the color or dimming the lighting creates just the right atmosphere.

    Another trend in lighting are the custom-made and art-inspired fixtures. In order to create unique pieces in lighting fixtures, the collaboration between designer and artist becomes more and more important.


    Retro style
    In 2018, the retro look will make its comeback. Chrome metal accents are trend in the restaurant interior. Where before brass was the most used finish metal, from 2018 chrome will become more popular.

    Another retro material regaining popularity is linoleum. This wear-resistant flooring is available in all colors and shades. This natural product is therefore becoming increasingly fashionable as a restaurant floor.

    Original architecture

    More and more often restaurants are opened in beautiful old buildings or rooms with special architectural features. Previously, these rooms would be covered by elaborate finishing, colors and wallpaper. In 2018, the identity of a restaurant will no longer be determined by the interior design or room wear, but rather the craftsmanship will be emphasized, respecting the original architecture of the space.

    Instagram moments

    Not only beautiful dishes are a beloved topic for photography in a restaurant but above all the combination with other special features is in. The photo composition has to be suitable for Instagram to be trendy. Whether these are special objects, or a special space aspect, it must look photogenic. Popular are natural materials and plants, combined with special or personal elements, perfect for the right Instagram image.

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