The Big Juggle of Work and Life

    In a world where everything is about fast climbing the social scale and moving forward at the job, time seems to have shrunk, leaving everyone exhausted and unable to socialize anymore.

    Most times after long hours at work, the only wish left is to be alone and do nothing or find it easier to socialize with people from work which can be useful and also damaging because:

    • It can encourage teamwork
    • It can make the days easier at work
    • It’s easy to find common conversations
    • It can offer more insights about things happening in the company

    But it can also:

    • Break boundaries necessary to stay professional
    • Create opportunity for gossip about colleagues or the boss


    Finding The Balance

    Hospitality business is one of the most rewarding but also of the most demanding. Long hours, exhausting work and no time for anything else, can take a toll on one’s life but also on the life of the loved ones. No going out with friends, no time for dates, visit the family.

    Lack of social life and also no time to relax can lead to a series of troubles like:

    • Anxiety
    • Mood swings
    • Problems with interpersonal relationships
    • Obesity
    • Mostly any pain and ache can be related to overwhelming work stress.

    Making sure to make time for friends and family, even if the timing is not when they expect, it is important to have a good and relaxing sitting with the loved ones.

    Also very important is to take good care of the health and nutrition. The temptation while at work is huge to snack during tasks, eating unhealthy food like fast food when on breaks and not only, but also after a long work schedule when getting home tired and it feels easier to order unhealthy food.

    De - stressing With A Healthy Lifestyle

    An amazing way to keep healthy while also keeping in touch with the loved ones is:

    • Organize the time to meet at the gym or to have an outdoor activity like jogging, hiking, balling.
    • Prepare healthy meals together
    • Replacing unhealthy snacks with organic ones such as the organic raw bars, very good and accessible.

    Other than a healthy nutrition, long hours standing can put a strain on the back muscles, legs and can lead to headaches, back pain and varicose veins. With a proper fitness regime, all this can be improved and it is a good chance to spend time with friends.

    Managing long shifts in the Hospitality business can have a big impact on the social life but most importantly on the health and learning how to balance life and work takes a bit of education on how to combine nutrition, fitness and overall wellness with the demanding work.

    So what is the priority and how to juggle life and work?

    At a younger age, career seems to be the priority, but as work takes a toll over the years, the importance of health and wellbeing becomes more and more obvious. They are both important, but as long as there is a balance between them.

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